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How To Use Ebay
You go to use search box and can't find a specific item? What are you doing wrong? Here are some tips to find what you want.

When you go to the main page. In the search box type [Vanity] and you get 3000 items for vanity. Slim down your search results by using the sidebar on the left side. Ebay automatic breaksdown the search. To entertainment, furniture, etc click the link you desire.

Still didn't find the item YOU want. Here's another tip

Example: Go to the search box and instead of [vanity] type [vanity prince] If your looking for a movie type the title of the movie [Tanya's Island]

Enter Keyword Here

How not get ripped off at Ebay: Ebay is a auction site. You don't directly buy from ebay. You get all items from sellers. There are some non trustworthy people out there here's how to protect yourself.
  • Never send Cash
  • Check the seller feeback before bidding
  • Use online payment like Paypal

    I hope this information hope this helps you. Good Luck!

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