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Mary Jane Girls
Regina King
Jennifer Beals
Jayne Kennedy
Karyn White
Kelly Price
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Welcome to Popstarr.........
Look for popstarr's new Layout coming soon. Look for lisa bonet, Klymaxx polls and more

At the moment I'm busy with projects so my debarge page will not be up until this summer.
New!! added a photo gallery Jayne Kennedy page
Updated News Kelly Price page

Divasfanclub: The featured diva at the club is The cast of the tv show 'Girlfriends'
added: 5 new photos of Jennifer Beals| 3 photos of Troy Beyer
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Apollonia 6 vs. The Mary Jane Girls:
YES, its battle of the sexy 80s girl groups Apollonia/Vanity 6 vs The Mary Jane Girls. Check out the updates on these former teen idols A6 vs. MJG

Ebay a great source for Rare items:
All the artists on this page has items on ebay (magazines, posters, rare cd, videos) please visit my how to use ebay page before bidding on your items. Ebay Central
or go directly to ebayclick here

Greatest hits at CDNOW

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