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Jayne Kennedy was Miss Ohio in the Miss USA pagent in 1970. In the early 70s Jayne was on 2 popular tv variety shows. "The Dean Martin show" and "Laugh in". On each show she was a dancer.

,br>Jayne was on the tv seris CHIPS. She potrayed an a cop with a female partner. She was on 2 episodes that was to be a spin off series. Sadly, it never happened.
Jayne was the first african american female celebrity to put out a fitness video in the early 80s. "Love your body" was on VHS and an Album.

Jayne Kennedy was highly sought after spokesperson/model. Jayne endorsed Tab and several skin care and cosmetic lines.

Jayne is best know for being the first female sportcaster on NBC. She blazed the trail for female sportcasters. When Paula Abdul was asked, "What would she do if she wasn't a performer?" Paula stated "I would like to be a sportcaster for the lakers. I would like be a sportcaster like Jayne Kennedy."
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