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All night long: Mary Jane Girls Fansite is currently under construction....... coming soon.....bookmark this site

check out The Mary Jane Girls VS Apollonia 6

    Track Listing:
  • 1. Shadow Lover (Interlude)
  • 2. Shadow Lover
  • 3. In My House - (12" mix)
  • 4. You Are My Heaven
  • 5. Wild And Crazy Love - (12" mix)
  • 6. All Night Long
  • 7. Jealousy
  • 8. Boys
  • 9. I Betcha
  • 10. On The Inside
  • 11. Break It Up - (12" mix)
  • 12. Walk Like A Man
  • 13. Candy Man - (12" mix)
  • 14. Girlfriend
    In My House: The Best Of The Mary Jane...Listen to tracks here

New York in the 80's was the best. Rap music was just burning up the air waves along with hot R&B artist. The station to listen to was WBLS and frankie crocker was the DJ. He always played prince, the time, vanity 6, Rick james. But everyne knows the jam was "all night long". If the song came on the radio you would here people saying "Turn that up, thats my song" and everyone would sway to the sweet harmonies of that song. well this is my tribute to the women who made that song come alive The mary Jane Girls. I need help with this website if you have any photo, news about the girls email me


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