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The Mary Jane Girls
Welcome to my Mary Jane Girls fansite. This site is a tribute to one of the premeire girl groups of the 80's. If you would like to contribute photos or info to this site EMAIL ME
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In the early 80s Rick James assembled 4 talented singers. JoJo, Maxi, Candi and Cheri and named them The Mary Jane Girls. Cheri was later replaced by Corvette. The group enjoyed the hits Candy Man, All Night Long, Boys, In my house and Walk like a man.

All the members of the MJG's was on VH1's "Where are they now?". Here are brief updates on each member.
JoJo: Patch up her relationship with her ex-boss Rick James. She toured with Rick to support his "Urban Rhaspody" CD.
Maxi: Has a beautiful son. And is a sucessful soul food cook for the stars.
Cheri: Was the lead singer of Morris Day's defunct group "The Dayzes". She formed a new group "Miss Lady" and is a part-time midwife.
Corvette: Is a mother of 2 and is a session singer
Candi: Has a production company and manages artists