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Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6/ Mary Jane Girls were popular girl groups of the 80's both created by 80's superstars(and compared alot). Yet, these groups managed to make a major impact on their own. The rivary between Prince and Rick James is well known. Rick accused Prince of stealing the concept Vanity 6 from him. MJG and V6 had personal run-ins and dissed each other in magazines Even with the controversy both group disbanded before their time. This is my personal tribute to each girl group.

  • Created by Prince
  • Multi-racial group
  • members: Brenda Bennet
    Denise 'vanity' Matthews
    Susan Moonsie
  • Each girl protrayed a charater:
    Vanity- sex vixen, Brenda- chain smoking lesbian
    Susan- cute-innocence type
  • Debut LP "vanity 6" 1982
  • Singles: he's so dull, nasty girl, drive me wild
  • 1984 replaced Denise 'Vanity' Matthews with Patricia 'Apollonia' Kotero

  • Sophomore album: apollonia 6
  • Singles: sex shooter, happy birthday Mr. Christian
  • The group appeared in the movie "Purple Rain" but didn't join the tour with Prince and The Time
  • The group disbanded in 1985
  • Apollonia released a solo album in 1988
  • Created by Rick James
  • Multi-racial group
  • Members:Joanne 'JoJo' Mcduffie, Candi'Candi'Ghant
    Kim "Maxi" Wuletich, Ann 'Cheri' Bailey
  • Each girl protayed a charater:
    JoJo-Tough street chick, Candi-glamorous model type
    cheri-cute valley girl, Maxi-leather wearing dominatrix
  • Debut LP "mary jane girls" 1983
  • Singles: candy man, boys , all night long
  • 1985 replaced Ann 'cheri' Bailey with Yvette 'corvette' marine

  • Sophomore album: Only for you
  • Singles:In my house, Wild and crazy love
  • Released the song "Walk like a man" featured on the soundtrack for the movie "A fine mess"
  • The group disbanded in 1987
  • The group was planning to work with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis but it never worked out
  • Apollonia, Vanity, Susan and Brenda

    All of V6 and A6 Albums are out of print. So if you own a copy you have a collectors item. Or if you want to sell or by vanity/apollonia cds, posters and more sign up at Brenda Bennet is married and recently lend her vocal to Prince CD "rave unto the joy fantastic". She has a son who is 17 and also a singer. He is part of a boy-band. Susan Moonies is married with children and owns a art gallery. Vanity now Evangelist Denise Matthews she is no longer in the entertainment industry. Apollonia Kotero has recently made tv appearences on "air america" and "sliders". Apollonia has a production company and is currently working on a Las Vegas show featuring Carmen Electra. Brenda and Susan are open to a reunion.

    The Mary Jane Girls

    Motown released 'In my house-the best of the mary jane girls' in 1994. JoJo Mcduffie lend her vocals for Rick James(R.I.P) CD "Urban Rapsody". She also toured with her former mentor. JoJo also has been busy on the Jazz circuit. Yvette Marine sued Paula Abdul and lost in 1993. She has a tv show called "Yvette in the mix" she also has a website Official site with info about the MJG. JoJo, Candy and Maxi reunited the Mary Jane Girls.
    They are currently touring and made tv appearences on Jenny Jones and VH1's where are they now?" More Mary Jane Girls..........


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